Commercial and Office Services

We are a successful business, so we perfectly understand that a business cannot stop running even for a second! Be aware that if you choose GOLDEN HANDS COMMERCIAL AND OFFICE SERVICES, your business will not stop running during the relocation period of your office. The foundation of our collaboration will be based on 3 principles:




How we work

Our team is trying to transform our collaboration with customers into a pleasant experience and it is focused on three stages:

  • An accurate estimate
  • Planning an efficient strategic relocation of your office
  • Performing the job

The GOLDEN HANDS team has responded with understanding to all of our company's requirements. We were very pleased with the flexibility that the company demonstrated.

Tom Anderson

Toronto, ON


The relocation of our office was a difficult one considering the size of the building and the amount of furniture that had to be moved. But the Golden Hands have done a great job!

Mike Poretti

Richmond Hill, ON


We have been using Golden Hands moving services for our first relocation of the business and we were extremely satisfied about the quality of the service. They are amazing team!

Julia Logan

Milton, ON

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